Application to watch soap operas on your cell phone


In today's world, with the rise of smartphones as an extension of our lives, watching soap operas from the comfort of your cell phone has become an increasingly common and appreciated practice. The convenience of having your favorite episodes at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, has revolutionized the way we consume this type of entertainment.

This article aims to explore the best apps for watching soap operas on your cell phone, offering a complete immersion in the dramatic, romantic and sometimes comical universe that these stories provide.

1. GloboPlay

Download the GloboPlay app It's almost a rite of passage for Brazilian soap opera aficionados. With a vast library that ranges from timeless classics to the most recent hits, GloboPlay offers not only soap operas, but also a wide variety of TV shows, films and documentaries produced by Globo.

For install the application, just access the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for “GloboPlay” and follow the download and installation instructions. Once installed, you can sign up for a monthly subscription and start exploring a world of captivating stories.

2. Viki: Korean and Chinese Dramas

If your interest leans toward Asian soap operas, download the Viki app may be your best bet. Specializing in Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas, Viki brings the best of Asia to your cell phone with subtitles in several languages, including Portuguese.

For install the Viki app, visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for “Viki” and proceed with the download. The app offers a mix of free and premium content, with the option to subscribe to Viki Pass for unlimited access.

3. Netflix

Although known for its vast selection of films and series, the Netflix also offers a remarkable collection of soap operas from various parts of the world. Download the Netflix app it means having access to Latin American, Turkish, Korean productions and much more.

Install the Netflix app It's a simple process, which involves searching for the name in your cell phone's app store, followed by downloading and installing. A subscription is required, but the vast catalog of content justifies the investment.

4. Telemundo Soap Operas

For fans of Spanish soap operas, download the Telemundo Soap Operas app is an excellent choice. This app is dedicated exclusively to Telemundo soap operas and series, allowing you to follow your favorite dramas in Spanish.

For install the application, search for “Telemundo Novelas” in your app store, download it and start the adventure through the exciting stories that only Latin productions can offer.

5. DramaFever

O DramaFever was one of the most popular apps for Asian drama fans, offering a wide selection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese soap operas. Although it has been discontinued, its mention is a tribute to the importance it had for lovers of Asian soap operas. For alternative options, consider apps like Viki or Netflix.

6. Hulu

O Hulu is another streaming platform that deserves to be highlighted for its selection of soap operas and TV series. To the download the Hulu app, you gain access to a variety of popular titles, including Latin American and European productions.

For install the application, just search for it in your app store, download and sign up to start your journey through the different stories available.

7. YouTube

Last but not least, the YouTube offers a free way to watch a variety of soap operas. Although the quality and legality of uploads may vary, many broadcasters make full episodes of their soap operas available on YouTube.

Download the YouTube app It's easy and offers a convenient way to explore content from around the world. Searching for official broadcaster channels is the best way to ensure you are watching authorized content.


The digital age has radically transformed the way we watch soap operas, providing flexibility and access to an unprecedentedly diverse universe of stories. With the help of the apps mentioned above, you can immerse yourself in your favorite soap operas, whether on your way to work, on a coffee break, or in the comfort of your home. To the download and install these apps, you open the doors to a world of drama, romance, adventure and excitement, all in the palm of your hand.